PM N e t w o r k + [beta] - FAQs
Why do I create an MSite?

An MSite is used to brand your music company, band, or yourself.
An MSite provides an organized space for all your information to create your brand.   Here is a highlight of some of the features:
 - allows members/followers for your MSite
 - communicate directly with your followers/members
 - Activity feed for your MSite, post all activity you want to share with your members/followers
 - creation of events for your band, company within your MSite
 -  URL for your MSite :  The complete URL of your page will be: PAGE-NAME
 - promote your MSite on external blogs, websites, and social media pages
 - advertise your MSite with the PM Network +
 - Invite friends / fans/ customers to your MSite

 - create listings for buy/sale/rent/gigs within your MSite
 -  reports / statistics like views, likes, comments and active users. You can also export and save the reports.
 - manage admins

To see all other options available, please select "Create New MSite".